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Things to do in Abant Cozy

If you are coming to the region for the first time, we are sure that you will be fascinated by its clean air, nature parks and local flavors. We have prepared a mini guide to convey our suggestions and left it at your home.

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When we say garden, one of the three things that comes to our mind is definitely barbecue :) You decide what to cook, we provide coal and equipment.

Winter garden

We made a very pleasant winter garden for our guests to spend time together. Imagine a fireplace where you can feel the fire on your face and listen to the crackling of wood while it is burning.. 

You can eat and drink something in our winter garden to spend time with your loved ones, you can also play board games and make new friends.


You can take a small coffee break while listening the birds chirping on the porch of your home. 

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There is a 180x130 double person jacuzzi in the bathroom of all our houses. 


Bolu is a very rich province in terms of nature cover and ruins. In addition to the national parks you can reach by car, you can find yourself in a wonderful hiking trails within 10 min. walking distance from your house. 

Movie Time

You can enjoy watching movies in front of the fireplace during evenings in our winter garden. You can access digital content through apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, Disney+

Chefs in the Kitchen..

We have designed every detail of our homes to make you feel like your own home. For us, the kitchen is also the heart of the home :) 

We've left some basic ingredients ready for you to cook such as natural olive oil, sunflower oil, fresh ground coffee, Turkish coffee, instant coffee, salt and sugar.

Still missing something? Don't worry, we are as far as a neighbor from you. You can always knock on our door. :)

Fireplace pleasure

Although our houses are centrally heated from the ground, there is a fireplace in the living room of all our houses for those who like to sit in front of the fire. We've left a basket of wood for you to enjoy :)


If you say breakfast is my job  we leave our fresh village eggs and village bread at your door every morning.. Or if you wish, a breakfast service consisting of local products such as delicious buffalo cream and unique butter  we offer.

Private Garden

You can step on the grass with bare feet, lie on your back and watch the sky in the garden. of your houses with detached entrances.

The detached garden area of all our houses is waiting for you for such pleasure.

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